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Welcome to SHOC Auto.  

SHOC Auto   Trabants and specialty car sales


We are the only importer of classic Sachsenring Trabant  P601 in the USA and are proud to bring you this unique, minicar from East Germany (DDR.) People who grew up with the Trabant know it as a Trabi. Although it was built by Sachsenring behind the Iron Curtain for almost 30 years until 1991, it was not imported to the United States. We import rebuilt Trabis directly from Germany to the USA. Click on the Trabis above or the Trabants link on the left for more info on the car, our current stock, or how to buy your dream Trabi.
The SHOC Auto website also has a wealth of information about this cool, air cooled minicar. We have information ranging from technical specs to photos to performance data. We even have information about the Trabis used in U2'sZooTV tour in the 1990s.

SHOC Auto is no longer in the business of selling Trabants or Trabant parts but will continue to offer Trabant information through this site.




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