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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

2/6/2006 - We have just added an Events page and a Custom project cars page.

11/07/2004 - We've updated our Specialty Car and Specialty Truck inventory just in time for winter! Also see the SHOC FAQ page for new info about SHOC Auto, Inc.

10/29/2004 - Our Trabant Forum is now on line, as is our current Trabant inventory

10/03/2004 - There's lot's new to look at! We've added a few new Trabant links, many new pictures to the Trabant history page. We've also just received three Trabants from Germany, which will be up on out Trabant inventory page soon. Finally, we've finally found a new home for SHOC Auto, find out about this on our contact page!

05/24/2005 - Lot's of new stuff including a Trabant Limo for sale, a Trabant history page, and more Trabant photos.

01/31/2004 - A few changes including more Trabant photos, and a change in the location of the Trabant page. You can now find it at

08/31/2003 - We've updated our specialty cars section check out our inventory

07/18/2003 - Added inventory.

06/30/2003 - Added a Trabant Parts page with parts available for sale, as well as a handy cross reference to parts commonly available in the U.S.

06/26/2003 - THEY'RE HERE! The Trabants have arrived, see our Trabant inventory page for details.

6/19/2003 - Various updates to the home page, the Trabant FAQ, the Trabant page and the Trabant inventory page.

4/25/2003 - We're online! Please tell us what you think of the site.

4/2/2003 - We've created a new look.

3/24/2003 - The site is started, it's all new, baby!


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