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SHOC Auto  Shipping FAQ

Where are the your cars currently? 

We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, use 55420 as a zip code for a shipping quote. 


How do I get my new Trabant home?

That's up to you, there are several options. First, you can come visit us in Minnesota and take your car home with you. You could drive it home, but it's limited highway speed means you should really consider trailering it. You can also arrange your own shipping however you like, we can work with you. SHOC Auto can also arrange the shipping for you, contact us for a quote. Include your zip code for the quote.


Can you ship a car to me?

Yes, we can arrange shipping to you, contact us for a quote. Include your zip code for the quote.


Do I have to pay for the shipping from Germany?

All cars are sold FOB Minneapolis, that means there is no extra charge to you for shipping to Minnesota.


Can you ship a Trabant directly to me from Germany?

Yes, we can, but there are complications in doing this. Our cars are shipped in cargo containers, which are difficult to unload. We also like to inspect each car to make sure it is up to our quality standards before you get it. Our cars are shipped several at a time, minimizing the  per car shipping cost. If a car is shipped directly to you, the shipping cost will be significantly more, and you will need to pick up the extra cost.


How much does it cost to ship a car to me from SHOC Auto?

It varies greatly depending on your distance from Minnesota and how you want the car  transported. Enclosed transporters are the best, but also the most expensive, standard car transporters are  a less expensive option. As an example, to ship a car from Minneapolis to San Francisco, and enclosed carrier would cost about $1400, where standard open transport would cost $1000. 


Please contact us for a quote if you would like us to arrange shipping for you. Include your zip code for the quote.


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