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Is SHOC Auto a licensed and bonded dealership?
Yes. SHOC Auto, Inc. is licensed and bonded in the state of Minnesota. You can be confident that we are not a fly-by-night internet only operation that will disappear immediately after taking your money.  We are also a member of the Northland Independent Auto Dealership Association.

Ok, I'm sure SHOC is an acronym for something, what does it mean?
SHOC is an acronym, it stands for Soren's House Of Cars. I'm Soren, By the way, and this is my house of cars.

Ok, so how does SHOC Auto operate?
Here's how we do business You can browse our current inventory on-line at any  time. If you suddenly have the urge for a Trabant at 3AM, not problem, here is our current inventory. Looking for something else? Check here. We provide extensive photos of all of our cars, and as complete a description as possible of it's  condition. We will tell you what's wrong, to the best of our knowledge. If you see the car of your dreams and need to see it immediately, let us know,  and we'll hold it for you for up to 48 hours. Or you can buy it directly  over the phone or through the internet. Chances are you want to see, smell, and drive the car before you buy it, and to do that, just let us know.  We  will arrange a time for you to come see and drive the car.

Define haggle free dealership.
Even though we sell used cars, that are traditionally haggled over greatly,  our prices are set. We might be tempted to throw in a perk or two, if necessary, but not if you ask for it, that's haggling.

What are your hours?
Currently we are open by appointment only, except Sunday, when we are closed in accordance with Minnesota law. Remember, however, that our showroom is open 24 hours a day on the internet, and you can leave us a message or an email at any time.  We will arrange a time for you to  come see your car of choose at your convenience. We prefer to meet with you in the evenings or on weekends, when you are most likely available to see us anyway.

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